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Cali Cats Rescue

Saving Cats Daily!

Cali Cats Rescue is a non-profit rescue dedicated to helping local cats and kittens in need.

We are run solely by volunteers and each of our rescues are placed in a loving foster home while they wait for their forever family. All cats that come through our rescue will receive appropriate veterinary care, spay/neuter, vaccinations and preventative treatments.



We are always looking for extra hands to help! Fosters are what make our rescue a success. To foster you just need to open a little part of your home and a big part of your heart. You provide the space and TLC we provide the rest, food, litter, toys, beds, crates, litter boxes, whatever you may need.

There are also so many other ways to help like transporting, trapping, scheduling adoptions and vet appointments, fundraising and much more. Right now we are in need of someone to transfer all microchips to new owners.


If any of this seems to interest you and you're looking for a way to give back and save some lives please see our Volunteer page and learn how to get started!

Cat of the week



This gal with the most gorgeous green eyes is only 8 months old and already has had a litter of kittens. She raised 3 three little girls (who have all been adopted) for the first time in a cold dark basement. That is until they were all rescued. Merry was such a great mama she was so attentive and made sure her babies were cared for. She has been in foster care for 2 months and has made such strides. She has really warmed up and now thoroughly enjoys her pets and has been learning that being held for longer periods isn't so bad. She loves watching all the action in her foster home and loves the 6 other kitties. She has never shown anything but love to her humans but sometimes the unpredictable nature of young children startles her, therefore a home of the quieter type may be best for her. She is so excited to find her new forever family!

Check her out on our Adoption page for more information!



Check out our FB page (Cali Cats Rescue) we are always doing some kind of fundraiser!! We currently have a gift card plus cash fundraiser. Spots are $10 each and 250 will be sold. This will help us restock our meds and supplies. Win $500 cash and $700 in gift cards. 



Kitten season is upon us! We are taking in as many kittens and cats as we can, but we can always use additional supplies. If you'd like to send our fosters some items from our Amazon Wishlist, please visit the link below!

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